Monday, July 2, 2012

A Chair is Still a Chair...

Good news! We finally got a house! It's a beautiful 2 bedroom house that we found near the neighborhood of our old apartment. Nice kitchen with electric appliances, dining room with a beautiful view and nice bedrooms. What hooked me the most was the huge garden tub in the bathroom. I've always wanted one of those. Also...we get:

-the refrigerator

-the washer and drier set

-a big screen tv

All for free with the purchase of the house! Isn't that amazing? I think so! All we need to do now is to wait for the paperwork with the lender and the city to go through. Then it's moving city. I need to find a job no though, as the monthly payments aren't cheap and with Juan's current job, won't work out. Hopefully I can find a day care job so that Soi can be at work with me and be taken care of.

Speaking of the little miss, Sofia got her 2 month shots on Friday. Hurt me more than it hurt her. She gave a small cry, because she was sleep when they gave it to her, then she was fine. The next day she let out a nightmare of a poop. Whenever she poops its like a nightmare because she messes up whatever she wears or whatever she's laying on. Then when I open the diaper it's like a cute for her to start kicking her legs around the goop. It's so awful. On Sunday, she wasn't feel great at all. She had a slight fever and was just laying around on everybody at my aunt's house. I felt so bad for my Boodah.

She's better now, though she was a little hot today too. A little tylenol helped that out as well. Now she's in the room sleeping with my mom, giving me and her daddy some time for ourselves. I love how much my mom loves her grandbaby; it's going to suck for her when we move out of her house because she's spent so much time with Sofia.

I can't wait to make our house a home...I hope it's going to be a great as I think it will be

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