Tuesday, July 31, 2012

A Month of Instagram- July 2012

Sleeping cause being a baby is really hard...

Independence day!

Soi and her family

Outside with my love

Good luck on your interview,  Mom!

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Ello there!

I finally got those nasty viruses (yes, plural!) off of my computer. It feels good to have a faster computer again. It was driving me bananas.

I hope everything is going ok with everybody. Everything is fine here. Things were a little rough with the husband for a while (mostly about the in-laws. I'm sure some of you understand.)...we're still working on it.

Sofia is great. She just turned 3 months on the 26th of course. She's getting so big! Good head control, she can stand on her legs while we are holding her on our laps, she smiles and boy, is she a TALKER! She would talk all day long, given her way. The best part? She sleeps all night. It's greatness getting some good sleep!

I found out that I have a hernia and that I'll soon have to have surgery for it. It's scary but it has to be done. Then afterwards I've decided to look for some night jobs like in a bar or night club as a waitress. That way I don't have to worry about child care for Sofia; I'd be there during the day. I don't have to worry about pumping either...she sleeps during the night until about 5 so that works out too.

I'll have to find a job soon though because we are heading towards that ending stretch to our house. I don't want us to get our house and then lose it because we don't have enough money to hold up the mortgage.

It's going to be a rough road, but we'll get through it.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

La Princesa || Month Three

Breastfeeding Status: Still feeding quite well...she lub the booby.

Sleep Habits: Finally Sofia sleeps through the night. She wakes up about 5 am to feed and Mom brings her to me in the living room. After she eats, she falls right back asleep until about 9. LOVE THIS. She still has her naps during the day too.

Clothing Size: Still wears 1 month-3 months stuff. My mom bought her a t-shirt for a 1 year old. For what reason? So that Sofia could have a nightgown. LOL.

Health: Sofia is still gassy from time to time, but it's getting better. Colic Calm is this mommy's best friend. She also gave us a scare when she scratched herself in the eye. We took her to the eye doctor and he gave us some eye drops to heal it.  She's good now. 

Milestones: Sofia is getting good at tummy time and is more tolerant of it. Not fully...I still have to get her after a little while but still. Better than nothing right? She is also very  good at holding her head up. So strong at it. She loves standing on her legs while we hold her on the couch. What a talker this broad is. She loves to chat with Papi most of all.

She also has started to laugh too! We have been waiting for that for a while now.

Loves: Cuddles, breastfeeding, gumming on Peenkie and Bun Bun, sitting in the bumbo chair, chatting with Papi, tickles

Hates: Baths, being cold after said bath, fighting sleep, red lights while driving, sitting still in the car seat for a long time

Funny Story: I put Sofia down on her activity mat for some tummy time while I got some cleaning done. I figured she'd have fun with all of the toys and so when I came back to check on her, I was stunned to see her passed out asleep. Did she have a tummy time party?! Looks that way...and I wasn't even invited.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Conversations with Papi: Part Two

Oh, how this girl loves her daddy...they have the best conversations when he gets home from work.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Birthday Incoming!

I can't believe it's time for another birthday...I'll be 27 years old tomorrow. I don't feel any differently but I'm already kind of bummed out. My computer just spazzed out on me with a nasty virus. This seems to be a trend lately with bad stuff happening on my birthday. First it was the truck crash on my 25th, the nearly passing out in Sea World on my 26th and now this. I hope this doesn't make a habit for future birthdays. Birthdays are supposed to be a good thing, last time I checked.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Two Months Later...

Amazing what two months will do...

Wow...on Tuesday, I will be a new year older. Near to over the hill. It's so funny; when my mother turned 30, it felt so much older, then again- I was like 8 or 9 then so that's probably why. But now I can't help but think, it's no big deal. Even this birthday coming up, I feel like it's the same feeling as any other birthday.

I guess that's how it is when you're a grown up.

I don't know exactly what I'm going to do for this birthday. I have so much to do like take care of Sofia during the day that I can't really think about myself. So...whatever happens happens and I'll be thankful for it.

A cake would be nice though.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Selfies with the Princess



Needless to say...these didn't work out too well. :)

Hair Makeover Time!

After having braids in my hair for so long...It's time for a change!

The end result:

Not bad if I should say so myself...

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

A Crazy Yet Fun Night

So it's nearly my mom's birthday so her best friend wanted to take her to a strip club. Why? I had no idea, but I also didn't know that my mother had never been to one. So we went to Club Onyx over in Dallas and tried our best to have fun there with nearly naked ladies all around. Cynthia's daughter Eboni and I were fine with the surroundings; we had both been in exotic clubs before, but when I looked over at my mother and Cynthia, they just sat there with their jaws open. My mother even cried. I was horrified and I asked her why she was crying, and she replied that the girl on the stage was somebody's baby.

That was cue that it was time to leave. No need for more suffering for all of us. We did see my aunt's ex-husband there too and it was good to see him-he was my favorite uncle when they were together. One thing is for sure...we won't be taking my mother to see any naked bootangs any time soon!

A beautiful building on the drive over.

Ebbs and me about to head inside.

Conversations With Papi: Part 1

Monday, July 9, 2012

Money Issues

I have a husband, a baby girl and possibly a new house on the way. You would think that I would be happy about this right? Well, lately I haven't been. That's because we are having some serious money issues right now. I have like nothing in my account (which makes sense seeing as I'm not working) and Juan can only put so much in it because with his measly paycheck he has to pay off other things as well, like credit cards, our phones and gas for Paloma. Now we had to take out funds from his retirement money so that we could pay for an inspection for the house. How much exactly? Almost 300 dollars. Holy new house, Batman!

The badside to all this...

My birthday is coming up next Tuesday and I know that with how our money is going already...I won't get anything for it from my husband. It sucks. I asked him for a wedding band because when we got married, I had a cheap one that discolored my finger. Now that I've had Sofia, I can fit rings now. Who knows when I'll get it now? My mom is getting me something I guess. I just don't want it to be where my husband ends up being like my dad. Where he thinks it's ok and that I'm not special enough to get stuff for. I already have one guy like that, I don't need two.

It's just time for me to find a new job and to find child care for Sofia. It's going to be tough, but it needs to be done. We can't be broke and have a new house. It's just not possible.

Wish me and my family luck. We REALLY need it.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy 4th!

It's Independence Day and you know what that means! Barbecue and fireworks! Woot!

However...it also means HEAT!

My poor Boodah didn't know what to do in all this heat, she was so miserable. We tried to keep her out of the heat as much as possible only coming outside for a little while at a time when we went over to Bal and Kortni's house to hang. After eating our fill and watching the Blacks vs Mexicans volleyball game, we headed to an area near Downtown Ft Worth to watch the fireworks. Sofia was fussy as we waited for the sun to go down so my Mom was helpful enough to sit with her grandbaby in her air conditioned car.

The fireworks were awesome as usual but the best part about it as that the area we were in made it so we were able to see two shows at the same time. Glorious! Sofia slept through the whole thing...but being two months old, I kind of expected as much. My silly little lady.

I'm not sure if I love the fourth as much as I used to when I was younger; but then again...I find myself not liking a lot of holidays as much. Maybe it's a growing up thing. But this one is up there in the list of great Independence Days!

Happy 4th to you all! Here are some pictures we have taken:

No doubt that this is my child with those eyes...

Papi feeding little girl.

The mommy and the daddy

This was moments before she started crying 

Our cool little lady

No doubt this is his child either...

Me and my mommy

Monday, July 2, 2012

A Chair is Still a Chair...

Good news! We finally got a house! It's a beautiful 2 bedroom house that we found near the neighborhood of our old apartment. Nice kitchen with electric appliances, dining room with a beautiful view and nice bedrooms. What hooked me the most was the huge garden tub in the bathroom. I've always wanted one of those. Also...we get:

-the refrigerator

-the washer and drier set

-a big screen tv

All for free with the purchase of the house! Isn't that amazing? I think so! All we need to do now is to wait for the paperwork with the lender and the city to go through. Then it's moving city. I need to find a job no though, as the monthly payments aren't cheap and with Juan's current job, won't work out. Hopefully I can find a day care job so that Soi can be at work with me and be taken care of.

Speaking of the little miss, Sofia got her 2 month shots on Friday. Hurt me more than it hurt her. She gave a small cry, because she was sleep when they gave it to her, then she was fine. The next day she let out a nightmare of a poop. Whenever she poops its like a nightmare because she messes up whatever she wears or whatever she's laying on. Then when I open the diaper it's like a cute for her to start kicking her legs around the goop. It's so awful. On Sunday, she wasn't feel great at all. She had a slight fever and was just laying around on everybody at my aunt's house. I felt so bad for my Boodah.

She's better now, though she was a little hot today too. A little tylenol helped that out as well. Now she's in the room sleeping with my mom, giving me and her daddy some time for ourselves. I love how much my mom loves her grandbaby; it's going to suck for her when we move out of her house because she's spent so much time with Sofia.

I can't wait to make our house a home...I hope it's going to be a great as I think it will be

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