Thursday, May 24, 2012

My New Journey with Sofia

Sofia Anneliese Ortiz
Born: April 26, 2012
Weight: 9 lbs, 1 0z
Height: 22 inches

I've had my little girl, Sofia and so far, taking care of her has been the biggest challenge I have ever partaken on. I've had so many ups and down on the way its not even funny, but despite that, I love her so much. We are still learning about one another, but no doubt a bond is there.

The process of the laboring was traumatic, but pushing her out was surprisingly fast and painless. At first after having her I was like, "Never again..." but I'm getting a hang of this mothering experience.

It has been a long road that's for sure. She's going to be a month tomorrow on the 26th and is just the cutest ball of baby I've ever seen. That's not even because she's mine! She's just cute! She loves to smile and she's starting to talk to us as well. Her head control is pretty good. She still flops from side to side but she's getting better.

Soi is a breastfed baby and she LUV DA BOOBY! She can't get enough sometimes. For those that say that breastfeeding is difficult, they are exactly right! It was so hard at first because she latched on pretty good at first but then in the hospital they were saying that she was a bit jaundiced so I had to start supplementing with formula. She seemed to go downhill from there when it came to latching. If it wasn't the latching, it was the fact that I has to wake up so many times to feed her. I seriously felt like a milk factory and not a mother.


Now, it's so much better. We definitely bond when we are nursing. She stares up at me and I look at her and smile, loving that she depends on me to take care of her and that she trusts me. The latch still needs a little bit of work, but we'll practice more and more.

She is loved by all in the family. As the first grandbaby on both sides, that's to be expected I guess. My mother also called "Love" is so smitten with her and loves to hold her. We live with her right now, so she gets the privilege to see her every day.  My in-laws see her a lot too, almost every other week. I like that because that way she can learn more about her Hispanic culture and even learn Spanish.

Sofia is so special and I thank God that he gave me the opportunity to have her and to be her mother. I just hope I don't let her down. I won't let my parents guide the way I raise her. I refuse.

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