Saturday, June 23, 2012

Family Member Profile-Mom

Name: Tracy Denise
Birthdate: July 12, 1964

This woman right here (looking like she's still in her 20s) brought me into the world and she would tell you that it took her 24 hours to do so. It would be your first time hearing it and my 26th. Kidding...kidding!

Our relationship, I have to say is the greatest relationship I have in my life right now. We used to clash and butt heads constantly but that's bound to happen when you have a teenager who is full of attitude and stubbornness.  Now, I truly can't see my life without this woman in it. She TRULY is my best friend. We can talk about everything and anything. I will say that there are times where she will try to give me advice and I'm like "Meh...whatever. I'll do it my way." But she usually is right. 

Way to tell your baby girl what's up, Mom. 

I came way too close to losing my mother 2 months ago. She had a very severe asthma attack and was in her apartment with me when it happened. I was 9 months pregnant and I had to call the ambulance to come and get her. She stopped breathing in the ambulance and when we got to the ER she was taken to ICU. She stayed there for 3 days and then was in the hospital another couple of days to rest. It was a stressful time but we got through it. I just couldn't tell myself that she was going to die. It just wasn't in my mind. She had to survive; Sofia needed her. I needed her. 

God decided that he didn't need her just yet. She was given back to us and we were so happy for that. 

I've never seen a woman more like my mother. She is the most beautiful, stylish, confident woman I've ever seen. She is somebody I wish I could be like every damn day. She's proud, professional and somebody with a heart of gold and a will of iron. I hope one day, I can fill in  her shoes and be somebody Sofia can be proud of.

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