Saturday, June 16, 2012

Baseball Time!

Today was Juan's second baseball game for his team. I sat and rooted for him with Sofia sleeping peacefully in her car seat. I had a couple of times where she would cry and I breastfed her. This whole feeding in public thing is still new to me, but I made sure we were both covered with a blanket. Nobody noticed, thank goodness. Juan's tio, Daniel came down to watch him too. We watched while Sofia looked around in Daniel's arms.

Juan did a good job, but because he hasn't played in so long, he was pretty sore afterwards. Hopefully some exercise and stretches will help him with that. I'm just glad that he didn't injure his shoulder at all. He's so happy to be playing again though so it's worth the soreness I bet. One thing is for sure...I was really proud of him for playing. It's something he wanted to do for a long time. That's my king...

Yep that's him looking like a little kid in little league.

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