Friday, May 11, 2012

Two Weeks Later...

I'm amazed I am even able to be up and about after Sofia's birth, but here I am doing things and getting in the truck and stuff. We had to get Sofia tested to make sure that all her jaundice was out of her system so there was no getting around that. I was sore and aching from stitches and sore muscles while my feet have gotten so swollen that I had to get new shoes to fit them. But regardless there I was going to family get-togethers and passing my baby girl around, hoping to the Lord that they weren't going to get her sick.

Juan was a big help and still is. He's very helpful with Sofia at night, rocking her back to sleep after I feed her and changing her diapers. He's showing that he can be a wonderful dad. This little girl is his world.

Two weeks after Sofia's arrival.

I can tell that I'm not doing too well sleep wise. Ever since I had Little Miss, I've been so anxious and every time I try to go to sleep, my body jerks itself awake...I'm miserable sleep wise. Hopefully that will change soon. I'm going to need my rest if I'm going to take care of my little girl.

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