Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Sofia's Birth Story

So I'm back with the details of miss Soi's birthday. My water broke at 5:45 in the morning. It was weird too. I felt a pop while I was sleeping and I was thinking it was her bumping up against me. But then I felt myself leaking and tried to make it to the bathroom from my mom's bathroom. Didn't make it at all. All of my water just gushed out, like some kind of movie or something! It was not a good feeling.

After my water waned a bit, my contractions started coming and close. I tried to get my bag together and somehow did. I called my husband to meet at the hospital. We drove the 10 minutes to the hospital and by then I couldn't even get out of the car because the contractions were so intense. I was wheeled up to the labor and delivery floor and because I couldn't even stand. They put me in the labor room and after filling out paperwork, got me on a monitor. After checking me, they asked me if I wanted an epidural to which I agreed right away. When the doctor came in to put it inside, they did it while I was laying down, which I thought was weird. It was painful too! I cried so hard feeling the shocks going through my body. I felt numb at first but for some reason still felt pain where my pelvis was. At first I didn't know if it was pressure or pain. The nurse said the medicine was trying to work through my system.

That's all well and good, except for the fact that I could feel the medicine wearing off and could even feel the catheter inside me. That was never a good sign. Soon the medicine wore off all together and I was in natural pain for about 3 horrible hours. Angel and my mom were beside me; Angel distracted me from the pain by putting a cold wet towel on my face and feeding me ice chips. The nurse finally got it through her head that I needed another epidural. This time they did it with me sitting up. It worked and I slept well for about an hour before the nurse checked me and said I was fully dilated.

Everything went quickly then. I couldn't believe it. I came into the hospital at 8 and after 15 minutes of pushing, Sofia came out at 4:32. It was so fast. She was a little rolly polly bunch of baby with healthy set of lungs. Juan and I were so proud of our little girl. It was quite an experience.

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