Thursday, April 19, 2012

My Pregnancy Journey

14 Weeks:

16 Weeks:

21 Weeks

27 Weeks:

32 Weeks:
34 Weeks

37 Weeks (the week before Sofia arrived):

Needless to say...there was a big baby in there!

So all in all, what was it like? Well let me tell you...

Weight Gain: All together I gained about 30-40 pounds. I tried to keep it lower but to no avail. Must have been all of the cravings I craved for. My body was swelling to a pretty good size too.

Maternity Clothes: Nah...not really. I just wore bigger clothing like bigger jeans and baggier shirts. I just didn't have the funds to be buying maternity outfits. Don't get me wrong...I wish I could have. There is something charming about those clothes.

Sleep: In the first trimester, I barely got any sleep because smells from my in-laws cooking would be tearing me inside out, not to mention the constant getting up to go to the bathroom. Second trimester was better and I was abled to finally get the rest I needed for both me and Sofia, but then the third trimester sucked out all of the rest again and I have yet to regain it back.

Best Moments: Finding out that Sofia was a girl, feeling her hiccup, feeling her move around after Juan's alarm went off; she was waking up when we were.

Did I Miss Anything: Yes! I missed being able to sleep on my stomach. Missed being able to eat a whole meal without throwing it up later. I missed having normal feet and not balloons.

Cravings: Oh, boy...what didn't I crave?! I would say more often than not I would crave for pancakes. Like all the time. Next would be oranges and cheese. Popcorn with jalapenos was up there too even though I would pay for the spice later. Ice cream definitely.

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