Thursday, April 5, 2012

About My Mother...

Everything happened so fast. My mom has been sick for a long long time and neither she or anybody knew why. All we knew was that she was coughing constantly. I came over to spend some time with her before Sofia came and it would get to the point where it seemed like she was choking pretty much. Even driving for her was hazardous because she would have to stop so often to cough.

After we went out to eat at Jack in the Box, we came home to relax. I had gotten my pants off and was relaxing like I always did when we came back from anywhere. Suddenly I got a text message telling me to come in her room with a paper bag. So me being a dumbass, I bring a huge Braums paper bag instead. When I got in there, she was struggling to breathe, really hard. She then told me that I need to call an ambulance because she couldn't breathe into her lungs. I did so and as I talked to the operator, she was getting worse and worse but surprisingly I didn't panic. Maybe it was because I was nine months pregnant and couldn't risk it. The paramedics came really fast but by the time they got there, Mom had passed out. The fireman who had came with them told me to have a seat cause I was pregnant and after I put my pants back on, I did. They loaded my mom onto a stretcher and put her in the ambulance. I sat in the front seat as they worked on her and let a few tears come out while talking to Taylor who calmed me down pretty much. It was so silent back there as they helped her and I couldn't understand why.

Come to find out when I came to the hospital, my mom's heart had actually stopped beating in the ambulance, but they brought her back. All the work putting air in her lungs had exhausted her heart and it just gave out on her. She had a severe asthma attack. At the hospital, they put intubated her to help her breathe and then put her on the ICU floor. Family and friends met up with us and so did my husband. I had never been so scared but still I was strong, telling my mom when I saw her that I would be back the next day to see her.

I know that my mom will be strong. I can't lose her...not right now. Not when Sofia needs her to be here. She'll pull through.

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