Friday, March 30, 2012

Little Big Girl know how everybody tells people that the third trimester of pregnancy is the worst? I'm living proof that they are completely right.

So far, I've been tired to the point where I will sleep almost all day long. My hips are extra sore when I sleep or if I'm in a certain position too long. I have sweat in places I never knew would get sweaty. I wake up in the middle of the night for no reason. My feet sometimes swell like balloons. I pee all the time and so on and so forth.

But I think the worst, comes from the inside of the oven where the little miss is. Sofia is growing like a weed. So much that I have this horrible pressure right below my belly button. Not only that...she seems to have it in her head that she still has room enough to wiggle around and kick her mommy everywhere. I Laying on my back is a nono, riding in the truck can be a nono, but somehow...sleep is manageable when in the right spot.

I told my mom today that I feel like it's half and half with her. Part of me wants to have a bit of a break from all the kicking and wiggling (cause now,'s not pleasant) and the other part of me likes to know she's moving. My mom told me she understood. Good. I'm glad somebody does.

On Sunday, we should be working on invites for my shower. I know it's pretty late, but my mom is old school where she thinks it needs to be as close to the birth as possible. I'm thinking..."All right, but if I break water all over the floor in the shower...guess who's responsible?" Hopefully though everything will be all right.

Well...I guess that's all I have to say tonight. I'll come up with something else later. Til then!

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Happy Paddy's Day from the Royal Family!!!

Happy St. Patty's Day to you all! I hope you guys don't get pinched too much! *searches for her green*

Monday, March 12, 2012

The Blur of Life

I'm still here and alive, lovelies! It's amazing how busy you really get when you become pregnant. The commercials are so right: A child really does change everything.

Pregnancy and baby news

Brittney is now in the third trimester! Woot Woot! Sofia is definitely on the way!

For once in this pregnancy...I actually feel calm and relaxed. Now,'s hell. Sofia is now head down from what my doctor says. So maybe that's why I always feel such pressure on my pelvis and hips. Sometimes it takes forever to turn from one side to the other because when I sleep I'm in so much pain. Heat definitely helps and so does Tylenol. I just hope its not long lasting. I can't deal with this for a longer time than nine months.

I also waddle...what do you know?

Pregnancy is a crazy time, full of discoveries. Sofia has a personality all her own. She's a mover, that's for sure. I really haven't had to do kick counts cause she already has kind of a schedule. She is mostly inactive during the night (if that sticks...Thank you, Jesus!) and she is more active during the day. She is know for kicking and nudging Mommy everywhere and who knows where her hands are going! Sometimes I just find myself wondering "What are you doing in there, child?!" But it's amusing. She hiccups almost every day. It's cute, but sometimes...racks my nerves. But it tells me she's alive so I welcome it.

Also my baby shower is on April 15th. I'm so excited! My mom is going to be running it so I know it's going to be cute. I'll show pictures when it comes

Married Life

Nothing was really solved with the situation with the in-laws or with the housing situation, but Juan claims he's going to fix it. (You better, Mister...) I feel like right now, where we are...we won't have a house before Soi is born. Damn shame because I really will go and stay with my mom then. I hope he doesn't think I'm bluffing. I don't bluff majority of the time and I know I won't when it comes to taking care of my daughter. He seems like he's dragging his feet. Hopefully being with out me and Sofia will whip him into shape

I told Juan that I don't see his family the same way anymore. I'll respect them as always, but I'm not going to have that general urge to be a part of their lifestyle and I sure as hell am not going to struggle to learn Spanish to speak to his mother. She won't learn English for me so what the hell am I working for?

But after I spent a weekend at my Mom's house, my mom told him a few words that might have made him feel like he needed to do something. She told him, because one night during Christmas, we stayed at my mom's apartment overnight and Juan felt really uncomfortable. My mom understood this and she told him. "You know how you were uncomfortable that night? That's how Brittney feels every day at your mother's house." It was the truth. I couldn't deny it.

After that, his attitude kind of changed. We started talking more to each other and I hadn't found myself feeling irritated around him. Like this weekend, we pretty much talked and relaxed all weekend. He helps me a lot with my pain. Like if my hips hurt, he'll massage them. I feel like a bother sometimes but he never lets me seem like that.

I love my man...nuff said.

Sad to say, my job at Equifax is over. They let me go last Friday...cause they said my work wasn't the best. Oh, well...I'm pregnant so what do they expect me to be like. I'm tired during the day and my mind is always wondering. They let me go like two hours after I started work. I was so embarrassed packing up my stuff as people were watching. I'm like: either call me and tell me I'm not working anymore, or tell me 30 minutes before I leave. What was the point of me working two hours? Then to make matters worse I have to hear about it again from my dumb temp agency "Oh, hey Brittney...just in case you didn't hear, your assignment has been terminated." IN CASE I DIDN'T HEAR? I was there!

Oh well... this is a good time for me to get some rest with my baby girl. I don't know what I'm going to do money wise; I still have to pay for the hospital, but I guess I'll figure it out. Until then...I'm just going to live life one day at a time.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Daily Photo Post || March 11, 2012

Pretty Miss Courtney

Courtney and me at my grandmother and aunt
swing dance party

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