Saturday, January 14, 2012

A Life Update...


I should be resting this whole weekend, but alas...I have to work tomorrow at one. It sucks but it's money. We've been getting a lot of clients and jobs lately so everybody has to work overtime this week coming up. I'm down for more money, but these hours are ridiculous sometimes. Money is money though and I have to save up as much as I can so I can have money to take care of Soi when she gets here.

So like I said, I should be sleeping and resting now, but I'm so into a new Korean drama that I can't seem to get the urge to sleep just yet. The show is called 1000 Kisses and I really haven't gotten into the whole storyline yet, but there is already infidelity already in it. I'm liking it so far.

This Thursday coming up, I'm going to the doctor and taking my Gestational Diabetes test. Am I worried? A little bit; mostly because both my grandmothers have/had diabetes. So, hopefully I'm not going down that road. When I was first pregnant, I ate pretty good, fruits and veggies instead of snack food...but now, my cravings are a bit bigger now and I crave sweets and salties. Hopefully, that won't ruin me in the long run.

Sofia is still quite active, but I don't know how big she is weight wise. I'll have to ask when I got to the doc. Hopefully she's grown some since I was last there. She's also still very low, near my hip bone. I don't know if she's going to come upward some or what. This is my first trip as a mommy anyway.

Oh, time to worry about it right now. It's late and I have a drama episode to finish.

Good night, all!

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