Sunday, January 29, 2012

Baby News!

My pregnancy is going very well. I have only gained 10 pounds so far and I'm hoping at most I will only gain like 10 more before she gets here. I'm already overweight enough as it is.

Already, Sofia is showing to be quite a character. She sleeps during the night with us (that is I never really feel kicks while I'm sleeping) and all day she kicks and moves around the tummy. What amuses me the most is that around a few certain parts of the day, she hiccups. It feels so strange and makes me smile at the same time. My stretch marks are quite itchy now so I'm usually trying to relieve that itch with tummy butter and light scratching.Sofia doesn't really like that though and lets me know by kicking me hard afterwards. She's already got an attitude. Juan thinks it's hilarious but he won't when has to change that first poopy diaper. (Yep, he's already recruited!)

Health wise: Went to the doc for a glucose test to test for Gestational Diabetes. I failed the first one however. I was so disappointed and was hoping that my next test would be fine. I then had to come back the next week afterwards to do a fasting 3 hour test. My arm was screaming in pain by the time I was through, but it was worth it because I passed that test! I was so happy; I mean ecstatic because both of my grandmothers had/have diabetes and I was so worried that I would get it. But God had me in his hands. I still thank Him constantly for that.

Baby Shower News: Nothing too much in the works just yet. I do want to help my mother with like planning the theme and the date, but other than that it's all her. I'm wanting to do a spring time a "April showers brings May flowers" thing but it's like I said still a thought. I want to have it like on the first of April. Hopefully nobody will April fools me at my shower. That's just too cruel for me   :P

Sofia already has a couple of things. Lots of clothes so far. She's got a going home outfit that I just love cause it looks all springtime like. I just can't wait to meet my little miss.

Perfect for spring, right?

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