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A Month of Instragram- December 2012

I love me some of my mother in laws tamales

My in laws' Christmas tree

Sofia and G.J love

The Royal Vault | 2012

Holy Moly, is it really 2013 already? Well, from what it says on the calendar it surely is. If that's the case then it's time to put the year 2012 in our Royal Vault and get prepared to document a whole new one. I'm so ready to see what this year brings us and on an even better note, it's the year that La Princesa turns one! SQUEE! So let's review before I start turning into goo at the thought of a first birthday party.

2012 || January

~We celebrated New Years Eve at Ivan and Sarah's house then rested the next day.

~ I started temporary work at Equifax as a data entry clerk. Not my first choice but hey, money was coming in that we needed to take care of this babe we now have.

~ I passed my gestational diabetes test!

~ El Rey turned 27! He still looks muy sexy...

2012 || February

~El Rey bought a pregnancy pillow for me because this mama's hips were hurting her something fierce.

2012 || March

~ Lived my life in the third trimester. Yay for Braxton Hicks!

~ I got released from my temporary job. It's temp for a reason and I couldn't keep up being a very pregnant mama.

2012 || April

~ My mother ended up in the ICU from a severe asthma attack.

~ We had my spur of the moment baby shower for La Princesa's arrival.

~ Princess Sofia Anneliese Ortiz of the Ortiz Kingdom made her appearance!

2012 || May

~ We adapted to life as new parents. Sofia adapted to life as the princess of the house.

~ Sofia had her first bath.

~ La Princesa turned a month old!

~ El Rey started playing baseball again. I was so proud of him even though it was hot as hell and he was sore after every game.

~ I celebrated my first ever Mother's Day!

2012 || June

~ El Rey celebrated his first ever Father's Day!

~ I went out of the house to have fun for the first time since Sofia was born. We went to a comedy club in downtown Ft. Worth.

~ Sofia met her Grand-Dad for the first time. Yes, my dad and I were still not speaking to each other so Juan took her.

~ La Princesa turned two months old!

2012 || July

~ We found a house we wanted to move into. Good, cause us three living in my mom's one bedroom apartment wasn't working out for us.

~ Sofia celebrated her first Fourth of July holiday!

~ I celebrated my 27th birthday. Spent the day fixing a virus off my computer though :(

~ Found out that I have a hernia from my pregnancy. I had been wondering why my stomach hadn't went down after La Princesa's birth and addressed it at my doctor's appointment.

~ La Princesa turned three months old!

2012 || August

~ Not only do I have a hernia, I also have gallstones and diastasis recti. BUMMER.

~ Sofia and I participated in The Big Latch On in support of breastfeeding mommies. She approved of lunch.

~ La Princesa turned four months old!

~ I took a bartending class and got my bartending license. A weird job choice but I was desperate to get some money in for us somehow.

~ We got approved for our house and El Rey signed the title!

2012 || September

~ Sofia started eating solid food. Rice cereal at that.

~ We moved into our first castle house!

~ Sasha (Biscuit) had a baby shower for her upcoming son, Troy.

~ La Princesa turned five months old!

2012 || October

~ I had laparoscopic surgery to remove my gallbladder and to fix my existing hernia. I was on bedrest for about two weeks.

~ La Princesa turned six months old!

~ Halloween 2012! Sofia helped to pass out candy to the kids.

2012 || November

~ El Rey and I celebrated our one year wedding anniversary with the munchkin in tow! Nothing like pancakes at IHOP to show our love.

~ La Princesa turned seven months old!

~ Turkey Day Baby! This was the first of many Thanksgivings at our new house! Sofia didn't get anything really solid like pumpkin pie, but she got to taste her turkey baby food.

~ We put up our Christmas tree. Sofia wasn't too fond of the branches but she stuck around.

2012 || December

~ We had our 23rd annual family talent show at the Botanic Gardens.

~ Sofia's First Christmas!

~ La Princesa turned eight months old!

~ Family photos happened right before New Years Eve.

And that...was 2012 in the Ortiz Kingdom.

Quite a lot, huh?! So much happened and I'm satisfied that I got to live through all of that but I know that 2013 has more in store for me so let's get started! But first...

*Closes the Royal Vault, locks it and walks away with the key.*

Happy New Year!

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