Thursday, December 8, 2011

Three Little Lines

So...Wednesday, Juan and I went to my first OB appointment. I know, I know...I'm already 18 weeks, what was the hold up? Financial problems can really put a hold on you, especially when you didn't have insurance in the beginning. We went and everything went smoothly with the payment. Then we were called back and I was weighed. I was about 228 lbs. So about three pounds higher than my regular weight. Not bad, I guess. We came inside the room and after asking me a few questions and taking my blood pressure, which the nurse said was perfect, she said that she was going to check my baby's heartbeat.

I was like "YAY!" because that's what I was looking forward to this whole time. The nurse used a doppler on me and started moving it around. There was a wooshing sound and then a heartbeat. I was least until the nurse informed that that was MY heartbeat. I was like "Oh, no...where is the baby's then?" She kept moving and moving around and nothing. I was  in tears by this time. The nurse reassured me that she was going to try to find a heartbeat; I was going to get a sonogram. 

I was relieved a bit, but still very nervous. The sonographer called me and my husband back to where the sonogram was and after prepping me, started moving her own device around my stomach...but below  my navel. Immediately she said, "There's the little heartbeat." I was stunned. "Where?" I said, searching everywhere on the black and white screen. She turned the speaker on and sure enough...there was my baby's heartbeat. 143 bpm. I was amazed. It was real...I wasn't dreaming this up. There was really a baby inside me! Juan couldn't believe it either.

After the heart beat, we got to see our baby's body: head, spine, stomach. It was so beautiful and that's saying something for a black and white 2D view. I asked her if she could tell what the baby was and she looked around saying that the baby was moving around and that the booty was high up in the air. She said, "From what I can tell, it looks like you are having a little girl." 

A GIRL! Juan and I were so happy to hear that. Everybody in our families with the exception of Mom and my sister, Alisha and my brother in law's girlfriend, Bianca, seemed to want a boy more than anything. But a mother and father know best. 

I was so happy to see my Sofia Anneliese that my day didn't need anything else to make it brighter. The sonographer said, "I believe it's a girl, because between her legs are these three little lines." I believed every word she said and she replied, "If it turns out to be a boy...I'll be very surprised." 

So, in 5 more months, Sofia will be making her appearance. Mommy and Papi can't wait to meet her.

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