Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year!

Getting ready to go and get my family partying on with Sofia

This was probably the first New Years Eve that I didn't stay up all night long to partake in. We went to Juan's cousin, Ivan's house and celebrated there. After making my way around the crowded house with the bump, I was finally able to sit down comfortably to eat some great food and sweets. I chatted with Sarah and Karina and the rest of the familia around me before quickly getting tired from said good food and sweets. I told Juan to tell me when it was time for the countdown; didn't want to miss that! Then I went to sleep in one of the guest rooms.

Sure enough, Juan woke me up and I made it just in time to countdown to the New Year and to kiss my husband with the first kiss of 2012. Even though I slept through most of the night, I still was able to ring in the new year in time. I also wished my little sis a happy birthday; the New Years baby that she is.

Happy New Year to you all!

Monday, December 19, 2011

Seeing Sofia For The First First Time

My mother and I went to go and see Sofia in the womb in a special 3D ultrasound today. It definitely was a beautiful experience and I was so happy to see my little miss moving around and touching her feet to her head. We already know that she's a girl but the ultrasound tech wanted to see if she could get another picture to confirm. Sofia denied us the privilege as she kept her legs fully closed. When I told Juan that she did that later on that night, he laughed and said:

"That's right, girl! Keep it that way." That's my husband, ya'll.

We got some photos to keep and a cd to see Sofia whenever we wanted. If you soon-to-be mamas haven't done 3D ultrasounds before, you should!

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Talent Show 2011 in Pictures

Courtney singing Adele

My aunt Janet doing a swing out dance

My cousin Michael singing to his wife

Kearrah, M'Kya and Jaybri as background dancers

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Trees of Light

As promised, my hubby decided to take me to see the Christmas light covered trees near the Pier One building in downtown Fort Worth. I was so amazed by all the colors! It was cold as heck that's for sure but I was covered in a good coat and so was Little Miss. I just hope that we can take her next year. Hopefully she will like these trees like I do.

The Ortiz family...minus one little girl

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Three Little Lines

So...Wednesday, Juan and I went to my first OB appointment. I know, I know...I'm already 18 weeks, what was the hold up? Financial problems can really put a hold on you, especially when you didn't have insurance in the beginning. We went and everything went smoothly with the payment. Then we were called back and I was weighed. I was about 228 lbs. So about three pounds higher than my regular weight. Not bad, I guess. We came inside the room and after asking me a few questions and taking my blood pressure, which the nurse said was perfect, she said that she was going to check my baby's heartbeat.

I was like "YAY!" because that's what I was looking forward to this whole time. The nurse used a doppler on me and started moving it around. There was a wooshing sound and then a heartbeat. I was least until the nurse informed that that was MY heartbeat. I was like "Oh, no...where is the baby's then?" She kept moving and moving around and nothing. I was  in tears by this time. The nurse reassured me that she was going to try to find a heartbeat; I was going to get a sonogram. 

I was relieved a bit, but still very nervous. The sonographer called me and my husband back to where the sonogram was and after prepping me, started moving her own device around my stomach...but below  my navel. Immediately she said, "There's the little heartbeat." I was stunned. "Where?" I said, searching everywhere on the black and white screen. She turned the speaker on and sure enough...there was my baby's heartbeat. 143 bpm. I was amazed. It was real...I wasn't dreaming this up. There was really a baby inside me! Juan couldn't believe it either.

After the heart beat, we got to see our baby's body: head, spine, stomach. It was so beautiful and that's saying something for a black and white 2D view. I asked her if she could tell what the baby was and she looked around saying that the baby was moving around and that the booty was high up in the air. She said, "From what I can tell, it looks like you are having a little girl." 

A GIRL! Juan and I were so happy to hear that. Everybody in our families with the exception of Mom and my sister, Alisha and my brother in law's girlfriend, Bianca, seemed to want a boy more than anything. But a mother and father know best. 

I was so happy to see my Sofia Anneliese that my day didn't need anything else to make it brighter. The sonographer said, "I believe it's a girl, because between her legs are these three little lines." I believed every word she said and she replied, "If it turns out to be a boy...I'll be very surprised." 

So, in 5 more months, Sofia will be making her appearance. Mommy and Papi can't wait to meet her.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Miscellany Monday

Miscellany Monday @
lowercase letters

1. It's been raining since Friday and I hate cold rain. It just chills me to the core. Aren't babies supposed to make you like overheat or something? I could use that heat right about now.

1a. Everytime it rains, the internet goes out. It's highly irritating and I wish I could just walk up to the Charter headquarters and just yell out, "Cover that thing why don't you?!"  I know, I know...I'm just ranting.

2. I can't believe Christmas is already coming and I can't wait to eat IHOP with my mom's side of the family. Every christmas all twenty-eight of us come and eat breakfast. Then afterwards, like 2 hours later, we come and eat dinner at my great aunt Janet's house. We're pretty much stuffed after all of that.

3. I don't really know what I want for christmas. I really wanted an electric double breast pump and I hope my hubby can get it for me. If not, any baby items will do. My sister has already asked if she can get something for the baby instead of me. I say, "Heck yeah!"

4. It's been a month since my hubby and I have been married. It's still kind of weird for us, especially when it comes to the rings. They're cheap and will have to be replaced, so we really don't wear them constantly.

5. My family's talent show is coming up fast. It might be the shortest show we ever had. I won't be in it this year, but I can't wait to see what they come up with.

5a. This will be the first time I meet up with Kelly who's coming to our show as well. She was my sister on the game Second Life. I hope she is just as cool in reality as she is behind the screen.

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