Monday, November 21, 2011

Miscellany Monday

Miscellany Monday @
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1. Went to see Happy Feet Two with Juan on Saturday. Had great music and animation as usual but the first movie was definitely better, I have to say. Also why does Mumble STILL have as much fuzzies on him as his son does?

2. While watching the movie, we had the best popcorn ever. It was a large covered in butter, then covered in nacho cheese seasoning and THEN covered all over with jalapeno's. My stomach argued with me later, but it was so worth it!

3. We saw Breaking Dawn right after Happy Feet. I don't know...hubby was in a movie mood. Was pretty good. I still like New Moon better than all of them.

3a. Breaking Dawn...definitely not for little ones. I was surprised by some of the more bloodier and intense scenes.

4.  Found out that hubby will not be joining me for Thanksgiving because he is going to Lubbock with his Mom and Dad. He's Mexican so his family doesn't really celebrate it. Which is fine, because since I do celebrate it, I'm staying for some turkey and dressing! Don't forget the cranberry sauce!

Not exactly what my family's dinner will look like...but close!
5. Finally got an appointment to see an OB by the name of Dr. Heather Neville. This will be the first doctor's appointment I get to go to. Hopefully everything is well with the baby and maybe we might even get to see what we're having! Is it a Sofia or a Nicolas?

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  1. OMGosh keeping fingers crossed that you have a co-operative babe in there and you get to tell ... altho maybe not ... since its one of life's only surprises left ;)
    Sounds like a great weekend - way more relaxing than mine!
    happy Monday!


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