Sunday, July 16, 2017

This Kid Behind The Blog || July 2017

It's mid summer guys and let me tell you, it's pretty hot! But Sofia has been cooling off with her swim lessons. Mommy not so much but I can't wait to get into the pool soon as well! Anyways, let's get started with La Princesa's interview for the month of July.  Once again linking up with Beth from Our Pretty Little Girls.

1. What do you need to make smores?
Marshmallows and crackers. (She forgot one of the best parts, but she's never had a smore so...)

2. What is your favorite summertime treat?

3. Would you rather fly in an airplane or ride on a ship?
Ride in a plane.

4. How would you change the world if you could?
Make it snow. (huh?)

5. What comes after summer?
Fall. (we've been working on the seasons so she made Mommy proud.)

Friday, June 23, 2017

5000 Question Survey || 451-500

451. What do you do for exercise?
Currently nothing and I'm not liking myself for that. I need to get back with Dad to work out again.

452. Would you rather have a strict teacher with a sense of humor or a lenient teacher that doesn't teach?
a lenient teacher...cause strict ones don't make my day

 453. If you ever have a baby what might you want to name it?
If we get around to having #2 then I'm thinking Giovani Ivan for a boy. So far we are thinking about Kasandra Anais for a girl. Anais will go great with Sofi's middle name, Anneliese.

454. If you won free tickets to a concert from a radio show and had to choose between Inxs, Poison, Blondie and Moby, which would you choose?
Since I don't really know any of them, I'll pick Motley Crue-which isn't on the list but I'd want to see them anyway.

 455. Are you a good cook?
Well I'm no sous chef or anything like that, but I make some pretty tasty things for dinner and breakfast sometimes.

456. Do you prefer when things come with no assembly required, even if they are a bit more expensive?

457. Start a sentence with the words: what if
What if I didn't know what to write with what if?

458. Are you more spontaneous and unpredictable or loyal and routine?
I don't's kind of a mixture of both.

459. What is the highest number you can count to in your head?
Honestly just off the top of my head? 25. I don't count in my head often, obviously.

460. How do you go about losing weight?
I've been trying to watch my diet, though I'm slipping off of that routine and need to get back on it. My dad has been helping me exercise and my medication helps a lot.

461. Do you have street smarts?

462. Do you have a lot of common sense?
I'd say I have enough

463. What is your favorite flavor of ice cream?
Vanilla when it comes down to it

464. What's your favorite movie that involves dancing?
Oh wow..there are so many, but I have to say, Dirty Dancing (both versions)

465. Would you ever want to become a guest on a talk show? If yes what would the show's theme be?
yes-Struggling to be normal with Aspergers

466. Do you like the way you look naked?

467. Have you ever dissected an animal?
A bunch

468. Who do you know who is brilliant?
My cousin, Rabbit. He has always been somebody I look up to. He's served the country in more ways than one and that makes me incredibly proud.

469. Who do you know who is dull?
My cousin Scotty...I mean, even his facebook posts are meh.

470. Do you ever think about time travel?
What... you mean if it exists? If

471. What is one interesting fact you know?
I'll come back to that

472. Do you talk to yourself?
Of course! Don't you?

Do you talk to your pets?
Of course! They have feelings too...

473. Do you believe that humankind has a future in space (will we live there some day)?
Might...though I don't think everybody is going to get to go. It's going to be all about money.

474. Would you rather wear clothes that you don’t mind getting dirty or more delicate outfits?
I'm going to say delicate

 475. How do you 'live life to the fullest'?
I usually try to taste new foods or do something I've never done before

476. Are you sloppy or a neat freak?

477. Would you rather have a trunk full of nickels or half a trunk full of dimes?
half a truck full of dimes

478. What is the worst mistake you've ever made?
Being the "other woman". There is no excuse for it, but I was young and inexperienced in life. That will never happen again.

479. Are you in good health?
So-so. I do have diabetes but my blood levels are at near normal levels. Big thing for me.

 480. Are you patriotic?
Meh. When something calls for it. Like the fourth of July.

Let's play fact or crap.

Is it a fact? Or is it crap?

481. The greenhouse effect is bad for your health.

482. There are about as many molecules of air in one breath as there are hairs on your head.

 483. The Miss America pageant started out as a contest in which people decorated wheel chairs and one chair was judged the prettiest.

484. To remove a tattoo a physician can place a small balloon under the skin, which is inflated so that the tattooed skin gradually stretches. Then they cut the stretched skin away.

485. Cock fighting is a sexual sport.

486. It is the warmest time of the day during the hour that the sun is the highest in the sky.

487. Certain scientists specialize in studying cow farts.

488. The brilliant colors (reds, oranges, yellows) across the sky that we get from sunsets are caused mainly by pollution.

489. In Grimm's original fairy tale, Rapunzel is pregnant.

490. Dracula was the first movie about a vampire.

491. The inventors of Corn Flakes, the Kellogg brothers, ran a school for delinquent youth.

492. "Kemo Sabe" means "soggy shrub" in Navajo.

493. Sir Thomas Crapper invented the toilet.

494. The Earl of Sandwich invented the Sandwich.

495. Some Chinese alchemists were trying to invent an immortality medicine and accidentally invented gunpowder instead.

496. The human body is made of about 99% water.

497. Bubble gum contains rubber.

498 This survey to the zero power = 0.

499. Most lipstick contains fish scales.

500. There are 86401 seconds in day.


Monday, June 19, 2017

This Kid Behind the Blog || June 2017

So yeah...I missed two months of my adorable little kid... but that doesn't mean I can't continue where I left off. Which means it's time for another Kid Behind the Blog survey. As always I am linking up with Beth from Our Pretty Little Girls and asking my pretty little girl some questions regarding summer.

Do parents get a summer break?
Yes. Because it's hot.  (You're not wrong, kid. It's currently 92 degrees.)

If you could change your name, what would you change it to?
Rhegan. (She's biased though; her best friend's name is Rhegan.)

How much do you grow in the summer time?
6 (uh...huh? Maybe she means six inches?)

Would you rather go to the beach or to Disney World?
The beach. (I've been to Disney, kidlet. It's much better and it has beaches within it!)

What is your favorite kind of ice cream?
Strawberry! (the strawberry froyo from Yogurtland)

Something Snapped || Getting Off My Butt With Photography

Ever have that feeling when scrolling around that world wide web we have that you just aren't up to par with other people? That people have better lives than you do, that every thing is just so crisp, so vibrant, so full of life that you will just die from all the cuteness?

Well that's how I feel...towards photography.

I see so many excellent photographers out there doing there thing; having great websites full of a gallery of beautiful photos. I see them with three to four cameras or their own studios. They have personality and flair. I think they are awesome.

When I think about my photography business, I don't think that way at all. I think about how far behind I am from what I wanted for it. I started Something Snapped in 2014 with an upbeat feeling about it; like I was going to make this work and things would be awesome after a little while. While I did have some photo sessions, they were mostly for portfolio matters and free.

Now that it is 2017, I feel less than upbeat about my business. I really feel like it's a waste what I'm doing. Don't get me wrong, I don't want to feel like this and I really do want to keep at, but there is so much to do and so much to learn that my head is going in circles. I told my mother today that I haven't doing enough for my business. That I have been just waiting for stuff to happen, for sessions to be booked. Basically I've been lazy; sitting on my ass.

I've got to change that! Pronto.

Photography is something that I have always loved since I was a child and now I think about my camera and I groan. I need to find that spark back for it. Maybe when I do, I'll finally get that push to really keep going in my business.

So where to start? Make sessions? Take classes to learn more? Advertise? Make my custom logo? Get a more personal website?

See what I mean? So much to consider...especially with my family that has tight enough funds as it is. It's depressing to see things that I know will push my business forward, only to see that it costs hundreds of dollars.

All I can do is to keep my head up and keep practicing with my camera. I know I can take some really good ones and I still get compliments on them. Look at some of the ones I've done recently.

These photos and many others keep me going.
Have any of you ever felt like your dream is fading further and further away? How did you cope if things got better for you?

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Happy Mothers Day 2017

It has been five years since I've had la princesa and they truly have been the best years of my life with her in it. She has brightened my life every day that I woke up and has warmed my heart the moment I get in the bed to go to sleep. I feel so privileged to be the mother of this blessing; so blessed to be able to teach her the ways the life and so honored to know just how smart she really is. I hope and pray to the Lord above that when Sofia Anneliese grows up that she will be an awesome woman who has just as great of a relationship with her mother that I do with mine.

I want her to know that I can talk to her about anything that she chooses and will be there to give her the advice that is needed. She is what makes me happy and I hope that I do the same for her. If not, then I have thirteen more years to make up for that mistake.

Sofia got me a flower and a card she made at school. Inside of it was a questionnaire that she must have answered with her teacher. Here are the answers that she gave:

My mom is special because: She cleans my room. (aww...I feel so special.)

I like it when my mom: Hugs me.

My mom can do so many things! I think she is best at: Kisses.

My mom has a pretty smile! I like to make her smile by: Hugging her.

My mom is smart! She even knows: How to love. (This is true)

My mom is prettiest when: She wears her shirt. (didn't specify which shirt but hey! At least I'm pretty in it.)

Happy Mother's Day from Brittney and Sofia!

Thursday, April 27, 2017

La Princesa || Sofia is Five!

It has daughter has crossed over from the little four to the big five and El Rey and I couldn't be happier and sadder at the same time. Our baby girl is growing up right before our very eyes. Five is half of ten and I really don't want to think about that next important birthday in five more years. Part of me wants to let her grow even more and the other part of me wants to hug her so very close to me saying "No, baby girl! Don't grow up!" But we all know that the former is going to happen no matter how sniffly I get about it.

I originally didn't have a plan for the official day of her birth since it was a school day and Juan would be working. Her birthday party is on Saturday so I was just like maybe I'll just let her do her favorite games and television shows longer than usual. I know, right? Fun. Well, El Rey had other ideas planned for our princesa's very important fifth birthday and as such, he took the day off.

We picked up Sofia from school and got her changed and then we took a 30-40 minute drive to Grapevine to take her to Legoland Discovery Center and to the Sea Life Aquarium across from it. Right away she had a blast and to be honest, so did we! Starting off at Legoland, we rode some of the rides with her and even had fun watching a few 4D movies with her!

Gosh, look how tall she's getting...

There was Star Wars exhibit with figurines that moved whenever a button was pushed. So naturally, Sofia pushed every single one. She's curious like her mommy. Looks like Juan was pretty into them too!

In between riding rides, the kidlet put her Lego building to good use. It was cool seeing how her little brain was working to make things. She ended up making a lego tree that wasn't too bad looking at all.

In a wild twist, Sofia got to ride in a Lego police car around a little track. Makes me feel some kind of things about her getting a license in the way future!

The downside to coming to Legoland was that there were about four different schools on a field trip so it was a bit crowded at first. We decided to take a break from there and headed over to the Aquarium next. Let me tell you...if I could update my worst smells list, an aquarium would be right in there! I'm just saying...

But it was worth it to get a view of so many different fish. I haven't been to an aquarium in so long and it was Sofia's first time at one! I was so much more excited about this than Legoland, especially since there was a tunnel that you could just stand and see fish on every side of you. Amazing, really and if I could I would just sit there forever. Here are some of the fish that I was able to take photos of.

After a quick lunch it was back to Legoland! The kids were gone from the field trips so we had the place basically to ourselves. Sofia redid each ride and I was able to get some photos of Fort Worth and Dallas in Legos.

You heard Legos.

Then sadly it was time for the birthday girl and us to leave. I know she didn't want to go. If she didn't have a school night or it wasn't almost closing time, we would have stayed longer. But regardless, I know she had a great time full of smiles and laughter and creativity. Kudos to El Rey for the idea because...this smile was so worth it. Happy birthday, Sofia Anneliese. 

Five birthdays down and so many others to go!

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